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Keeping History Alive

Showcasing America’s Heritage and Ingenuity

The Richard W. Erickson Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which was established in 1999 with a vision to preserve early American history in a way that would provide an educational and recreational experience for the community. Our Antique & Classic Power Museum houses one of the largest and most unique collections of antique and classic automobiles, motorcycles, farm implements, steam and gas tractors as well as Americana memorabilia.  Our pioneer village includes an array of old buildings; a shoe shop, print shop, church and Wallsburg’s first mercantile established in 1890.

Plan your visit during our annual Antique Power Show the weekend after Father’s Day each year or during one of our crowd-pleasing music festivals.  We do private tours by appointment, please visit our Visitor Info for more details. This museum is a hidden gem and earns five stars as a premier Utah family activity.

Located at 50 Starks Lane Wallsburg, Utah. Wallsburg is 30 minutes between Orem and Heber.

Richard W. Erickson

About Us

Richard W. Erickson’s passion for collecting and preserving history is the foundation upon which the Richard W. Erickson Foundation is built.  Richard’s children, Pam and Todd, and the Foundation’s Board of Trustees have taken that passion to another level, collecting, preserving, and sharing the collection with the public.  The Richard W. Erickson Foundation is committed to expanding opportunities and events so more people can enjoy this amazing piece of American history.

The Museum & Collection

Our History

For more than 50 years, Richard and Rita Erickson collected everything from Harley-Davidson’s and gas pumps to old toasters and ladies’ fashions.  Their weekends and free time were devoted to building the collection.  

May 17, 2021

Our History

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What is Antique Power?

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Vehicles & Engines

With more than 120 antique farm tractors.  This is the largest Harley Davidson Collection in Utah.

Working Saw Mill

Learn how boards and planks were made historically. 

1960’s Salvage Garage

A restored repair store from Salt Lake City North Temple Street. 

Functional Train

Hop aboard our onsite train to take you around to see the site. 

Vintage Service Station

See what a service station looked like in the 1960’s

Church & School House Bell

Come see a genuine church and school house complete with bell!

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